Kathrine Loucks
Welcome to a brand new year of learning!  I hope you are as excited to begin as I am!

My name is Kathrine Loucks, and it is my pleasure to teach your child as he/she prepares to experience a critical milestone in life:  intermediate school.  Fifth-grade is a pivotal year, ushering in all kinds of challenges in organization and time-management as well as academic rigor. However, for every challenge your child encounters there is and will be a network of structured support.

Your child is not alone in facing this year's learning curve toward success.  I will be modeling how to remain open and receptive to new ideas and experiences as I transition from an eight-year teaching assignment in fine arts to language arts.  I was passionate about inspiring my students to love the arts, the visual arts and performing arts, and I was abundantly blessed with students who took risks to express themselves in music, art, and theatre.  My passion now is to inspire your child to love the beauty and complexity of language arts in the same way he/she would naturally love art or music. 

Social studies is another subject that I will be teaching during 7th and 8th periods.  Current events will underpin what is taught in American history and will serve as a connection between today and the past.  Please read and discuss current events as a family to broaden his/her background knowledge.  This in turn, will benefit your child in seeing "the big picture" and understanding conceptually the themes of American history in class discussions and writings.

Again, I look forward to a life-changing year with your child and am grateful for the opportunity to work beside you, your child's first and lifelong teacher.  Let's all have an amazing year of growth!

Kathrine Loucks

ELA / Social Studies
Borger Intermediate School
(806) 273-4342
Room 115
Conference Period:  10:40-11:30