Ashlee Murphy

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Murphy


  5th grade Fine Arts Teacher

"So often you find that the students you are trying to INSPIRE, are the ones that end up inspiring you."-Sean Jenkins

Hi! My name is Ashlee Murphy. I attended school at West Texas A&M University with a focus on Elementary Education, Mathematics, and Sociology (graduated in December 2012). I became a teacher because I am passionate about encouraging students to become lifelong learners. Things I like to do in my spare time are scrap-booking, reading, walking my dogs and listening to music. 

Welcome to fifth grade Fine Arts! We focus on music of various genres, artists in their prime and several features of the world of Theater Arts. We enter a variety of art contests throughout the school year as well. Last year we won Region 16's holiday card contest. Hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

Contact Info: 

[email protected]
Conference Time: 1:20pm to 2:07pm 

Ready for another exciting year! We can't wait to see you!!!! 

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